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Home Network

In this 5 bedroom, 4,000 sq ft home we set up a network with 10 data ports and 1 WAP for all rooms and TVs

We installed a small network rack in the laundry room to hold all the gear, terminated all network cables on a 24 port patch panel and connected them to a 16 port TP-Link Gigabit switch. We ran data connection to every room and TV in the home for a reliable internet connection throughout. We installed a Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-PRO-US WAP in a central location to provide a solid internet connection throughout the home. Since this was a two-story home with no attic access and some other architectural hindrances we had to cut a few holes to get the cables where we wanted them but in the end we were able to fully deliver on what the client requested. This home now has a solid network to handle whatever data needs might be needed now and in the future.

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